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When Arizona Diamondbacks signed Zack Greinke at the price of $206.5 million for a 6-year contract, it was not due to his speed. They would really rather he not steal bases with a headfirst slide either.

All the same, it created a moment of entertainment when Greinke managed to steal second base from the Colorado Rockies at Thursday’s game, where he reached a max speed of 20.3mph. That’s pretty fast!

Greinke stated “Sliding headfirst is something I don’t ever want to do, but when I was in the middle of running, my balance was thrown off for some reason, almost like leaning forward. At that point, changing momentum would have been very difficult. In the end, everything is healthy.”

The event brought Greinke’s steal count up to fifth for his career and second for the season. Although, his manager Chip Hale likely would not mind if it was his last steal if that is how they play out.

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