//“Wax Museum Tom Brady is Going to Give Me Nightmares” – Marc Fortier’s Look on New Creepy NFL’s Golem · NFL · RumorsLeague. Red Hot Sports Rumors

Wax Museum always was a grim place, but with this new statue of Tom Brady, it’s going to be much more of the Usher House.

Six-foot-four New England Patriots wax quarterback at Dreamland Wax Museum looks really creepy. Also, it resembles Jimmy Garoppolo more than Tom Brady.

The photo of a statue has been ridiculed instantly around the Internet, and the Dreamland Museum jumped at the chance. They posted on Facebook an invitation to Tom Brady – to “come by and sit in for a measurement session.” The post acknowledges the figure isn’t good because it’s based on a photo instead of Brady himself. And they want this piece of art to be perfect. However, Brady didn’t respond yet.