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Recently, Bran Evans of Yahoo Sports, author at the Roto Arcade, tweeted that  an ESPN image of Vince Wilfork shoulde be added to the NFL Shield as a “Jerry-West-like silhouette.”

In case you’re in shock and haven’t seen it yet, Vince Wilfork was pictured, sans clothing, on the cover of ESPN The Magazine in this year’s “Body Issue.” The generously proportioned man should be saluted for baring it all because, being listed at 325 pounds, it would certainly be easier to leave the clothing on and let the heavy lifting happen in people’s imagination.

Despite all that Wilfork is still there, beautiful, big and bold, running with the kind of grace you don’t see often in a man of his stature. And that is what’s at the core of the NFL; Hefty men who show the kind of athletic ability that even those who are a few cheeseburgers lighter don’t even possess.

Wilfork has already earned a permanent place in the Hall of Fame for fashion with last summer’s look on “Hard Knocks,” namely the shirtless overalls. When it aired, it was one of those moments where people ask if you remember where you were when you saw it.