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According to Tim Donaghy, the NBA could have suspended Warriors’ center Draymond Green in order to prolong NBA Finals.

Game 5, taking place on Monday night, was missed by Green after he was assessed a flagrant foul, which requires a mandatory one-game suspension.

Donaghy said: “I think when you look at the overt acts that Green has committed before, they were definitely more severe than this act, and yet he’s gonna end up with a flagrant foul and suspension because of it.”

He went to add that “in the past, I believe it was disregarded because the Warriors were down in the series. Here, they are up in the series, so I think this is a circumstance where Cleveland will have a better chance of prolonging the series.”

Draymond Green

This is not the first time such allegations have been made by Donaghy pertaining to the NBA manipulating outcomes.

In August 2007, Tim Donaghy pleaded guilty to conspiracy to participate in wire fraud and the transmission of betting information through interstate commerce. Donaghy spent over a year in prison. After he was released, he wrote an autobiography.

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