//Steve Smith Trolled by a Bold Kid Shouting "Go Patriots"

The Baltimore Ravens wideout, Steve Smith happens to be a great player who really gives back to the community and recently he decided to host football camp for military children. Although, he happened to do this with a Patriots fan within the group.

Just like all good coaches do, once the huddle was broken Smith told the kids to say “Ravens!” but there was just one kid in the group that decided to chant “Go Patriots” at Smith and did it repeatedly. Smith just decided to tell him to get to the sidelines and to go on and get over there.

Smith made a huge joke about it on Twitter after everything was said and done. He tweeted saying that he had to catch himself and it was well worth it. He was a great kid and made him laugh all day.

That is how you know that Smith is an all-around good guy. He managed to make a lot of kids’ day, got a good laugh in and even has a video that has gone viral about this kid. This football camp was a great way to show his support for our military families and has really brought out the Patriot fan in all of us.