//Trending Sports Stars Photos from Social Media, September 16th

It is another Friday, which means there is a new post of trending sports stars photos coming. It’s a perfect way to start your morning, so here we go!

1. Vernon Davis

Wise words from the sports star: “You can’t be perfect but you can be extraordinary.”

2. Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton stated that he had an awesome time in NYC and is now heading back to UK.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Are you a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo? Well, here is a new photos of the star in action.

4. Mick Fanning

A photo posted by Mick Fanning (@mfanno) on

We would never miss an opportunity to post one of Mick’s awesome shots.

5. Jordyn Wieber

Jordyn is back this week to prove that you can do gymnastics outside of the gym too.

6. Kevin Love

A photo posted by @kevinlove on

Kevin Love seems to have gone into the business of modeling with Banana Republic.

7. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is back this week too. He is out to conquer a new sport – lip sync battling.

8. Tony Hawk

A video posted by Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) on

Tony Hawk continues to post videos about amazing skating stunts. Looking great!

9. Usain Bolt

That phrase says it all, and Usain Bolt is there to prove it.

10. LeBron James

A photo posted by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

LeBron James was celebrating the birthday of his brother this week. Congratulations!

That was all the photos for today. Come back for another compilation of pics next Friday and stay with RumorsLeague to get all the latest sports news.