//Shaq Trolls Stephen Curry Using T-Shirt with Misspelling

A couple of weeks back, Stephen Curry was named the NBA MVP player of the Tournament for two consecutive years and the current year’s yet to be voted the MVP Unanimously. Shaq has taken a swipe at Curry just because of being the first in NBA history to be named in an “MVP unanimously” category. It looked such a cynical and silly for Shaq to lash out at Curry as he unknowingly misspells his T-shirt. Although the Warriors did have quite a good season in the NBA, they didn’t manage to take the Championship. It was a good thing for Curry to receive such an award since he has had a high season and deserves the Honors.

Shaq was about to be named the Unanimous MVP back in the year 2000, but was defeated by Allen Iverson with just one vote. In our opinion, that would have played tricks in his mind to now proclaiming himself the only one right recipient of the Award in History. It seems that, Shaq wants to take Curry’s spotlight moment and utilize it as a publicity stand. Shaq has been known to criticize NBA teams after enduring a loss as shown in NBA Finals in the Golden State. This time he blasted it openly on twitter, lashing out at Curry as he is the “Real Unanimous MVP”, but what he meant was the “Real Unanimous MVP.”

We aren’t sure if this is a real troll to Curry or it’s just a joke as previously spotted happening between NBA Superstars wrangling to outwit each other’s performance. It’s just a shame to the famous Barry University campus fraternity who awarded him a doctorate in that he has the power to read and write from a higher learning institution. This is a huge blow to the many online courses and classes that claim to induce education to its students and see the result…