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We are sure it wouldn’t be easy to tell ‘Mike Tyson’ no. However, that is just what ‘Neil Leifer’ did, he turned down an invitation from the one and only, ‘Mike Tyson’.

One of the best known in photographing sports and sporting events worldwide is Neil Leifer. Leifer is a New Yorker that does shoots for places such as Time magazine, Sports Illustrated, and People Magazine and he has completed over two-hundred cover shots so far in his career. In fact, Leifer was the first photographer to ever be inducted into the professional Sports Hall of Fame, which was the International Boxing Hall of Fame (2014).

Mike Tyson

Although Time Magazine hardly ever had photographs of athletes put on their cover, but they decided to commission Leifer to do a shoot of Tyson to go with a preview story for the upcoming bout that was going to be in Atlantic City.

Leifer would name the new book he was writing ‘Relentless: Stories Between the Scenes and Behind the Photographs’. He came up with the name due to the many tines he had waited on Tyson to show up for his shoot, but never did.