//Dementia-Suffering Hall of Famer Paul Hornung Filed A Lawsuit Against Riddell

Paul Hornung, the Pro Football Hall of Famer who played for the Green Bay Packers throughout his entire career, has filed a lawsuit against Riddell Inc.

Hornung alleged that the helmet maker’s product failed to protect him from brain injury. It’s unknown how much he is seeking for damages.

The lawsuit states Hornung suffers from dementia. During his career at Green Bay, he was a player who did it all and sustained a number of concussions, mostly while playing in a running back capacity.

A spokesman for Riddell refused to comment and said it’s not company policy to offer statements about pending litigation.

Riddell began making plastic football helmets in 1939 and has helmets available across all football levels.

There are numerous players from Hornung’s era who have suffered from serious injuries that may be associated with head trauma incurred during their time in the NFL, however, it’s uncommon for these players to file lawsuits.

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