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During some of the latest snowy NFL games, two players decided to have a bit of fun by making snow angels. But only one player was flagged.

First, in Chicago, 49ers cornerback Rashard Robinson celebrated a big game by making a snow angel and was penalized. However, in Green Bay, Packers receiver Randall Cobb didn’t draw a flag for doing the same.

“I think our officials used some discretion there,” Dean Blandino, NFL Senior V.P. of Officiating, said. “Officials do get some discretion there and we don’t want to kill the emotion or the spontaneity of the game.”

Blandino noted the 49ers’ snow angel play was “a little bit longer,” but is there any clear standard on how long a snow angel celebration can last before it gets flagged?

Maybe the NFL’s officials should worry about more important things, but it’s not the officials’ fault that the league has instructed them to make this a priority.

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