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Nelson Cruz and Yadier Molina are real veterans of baseball, but the elderly stars caught a little bit of fun on Tuesday’s All-Star Game.

When Cruz approached the plate for the American League in the top of the sixth at Marlins Park, he took a cell phone out of his pocket and asked Molina to take a picture of him next to umpire Joe West.

The insane thing in this story is after Cruz, 37, almost homered off Zack Greinke with a cell phone in his back pocket, Molina, 34, went deep in the following half-inning, tying the game at one. Currently, he’s the oldest gamer to homer in an All-Star Game since Barry Bonds in 2002.

As the All-Star Game has become pointless in terms of World Series home advantage, it seems that players are soaking it in and just getting fun which is really cool for the game.