//NBA Salary Cap for Next Year Is $5M Less Than Expected

Throughout the free-agency period, the NBA teams have been spending money like crazy, and owners are hoping to curb some of that spending next season.

The CBS Sports says that on Thursday, the league notified that the 2017-18 projected salary cap is going to be $102 million — that is $5 million less than what was estimated originally.

However, this projection doesn’t guarantee anything. During this time last year, the 2016-17 salary cap was estimated to be $92 million, but it actually came in at $94.1 million.

NBA salaries

So far, one of the biggest annual contracts issued is to Kevin Durant, who got a 2-year $54 million contract from Golden State. It is highly likely that next summer he is going to opt out of that deal for a payday that’s even bigger.

The same strategy is going to be used by LeBron James, the Cavalier forward, who this year chose to opt out of his contract in order to review a new deal for the upcoming season that’s likely going to pay him around $27.5 million.

The spending spree isn’t going to end anytime soon. The salary cap is still rising and it’s expected to also increase in 2018.

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