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Mike Wallace, a 57-year-old pro racecar driver, and his daughter Lindsey Wallace Van Wingerden were leaving a concert in Charlotte, North Carolina as three men attacked them in the carpark. One of the three asked Wallace if he liked the performance and then lunged at the driver near the PNC Music Pavilion. The attackers had kicked and punched Wallace repeatedly in the stomach and face. Wallace had three teeth knocked out and was left unconscious.

“Suddenly, I’m being hit in the face and it knocked me out,” said Wallace. “I was then on the ground, still being beat which I could feel, but I was unable to feel the intensity of it all,” he added.

Lindsey Wallace Van Wingerden

Wallace’s daughter attempted to stop the three men, and they started attacking her as well. In the end, Wallace required ten stitches, had a concussion and a black eye. Both the driver and his daughter were taken to the hospital afterwards. “It’s scary to consider not being able to go to a concert without being attacked by someone, or knowing what may happen,” Van Wingerden said.

Three men have been taken into custody in connection with the beating. Nathan Luca, 22, and Paul Lucas, 29, have been charged with simple assault. Meanwhile, Randolph Mangum, 24, is being charged with assault for attacking Wingerden. The three men, which Wallace said were strangers, were released after posting bond.

Victim’s brother Kenny Wallace, who is also a professional driver, had posted an image of Mike’s wounds on social media over the weekend. He stated, “I am sick to my stomach.” Numerous fans have expressed their sympathies and wished the driver quick recovery.

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