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Michael Bisping, 37, who’s only been UFC middleweight champion for a few short weeks, is now busy doing an extensive media tour.

For quite a few years, people have referred to Besping as the “poster boy of British MMA,” the expression he has never used himself. But now that he’s the champion, and the first British one at that, he’s happy to acknowledge his unofficial title as a poster boy.

After taking down the champion and becoming the heir to his belt, Bisping now faces a long list of fighters who are eager to end his rule as the champion.

There are a number of great contenders available, but Bisping thinks he would most enjoy fighting Dan Henderson. He noted there’s a lot of interest in that match up, and since Henderson had a knockout victory against Besping in 2009, he’s ready for a chance at redemption.

Champion Michael Bisping

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