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Matt Martin is a first-rate fourth-liner, but he isn’t the caliber that you would commit $10 million dollars to for a 4-year term. Yet that’s exactly what the Maple Leafs did last Friday with Matt Martin.

27-year old Martin had a career-high last year with 10 goals and 19 points. To date, his whole career had been with the Islanders. The Isles and Detroit were two of the pursuing teams, but in the end, the Maple Leafs landed him.

Don’t get it wrong, Martin is certainly valuable. However, even for a decent player, this is definitely an overpayment. Toughness, hits, character — there are plenty of guys that have that, so it should cost a little less than $2.5 million a year.

Ironically, this deal means it’s far less likely that Toronto will be able to sign defenseman Kris Russell in the same way they signed Matt Martin.

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