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After she contracted an unknown virus, causing severe weight loss, Marion Bartoli, former Wimbledon champion, has said that she “fears for her life.”

France’s former champ was prohibited from playing at Wimbledon recently due to fears her doctors voiced about her health.

Insisting she does not have anorexia, Bartoli, 31, says medical experts don’t even have a name for the virus because it’s so rare.

She says she is not living but merely surviving. According to Bartoli, she can eat only skinned cucumbers and organic salad leaves, which she must wash using mineral water instead of tap water.

Marion Bartoli contracts unknown virus

Bartoli now needs gloves to use her cell phone since the virus has made her severely sensitive to electronics.

Previously ranked seventh in the world, Bartoli believes she contracted the virus flying between India, New York, and Australia during January and February of this year.

Since then she has lost 20kg, and she says she will be starting treatment with a clinic.

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