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Yeah, it hasn’t been a nice season for Premier League footballer Samir Nasri, 28, with injuries and all. Obviously, his luck still fails him: how else could you explain his losing of his insanely expensive sportcar Lamborghini Aventador Pirelli Edition?

Last Sunday, the football star drove to Manchester derby – that’s right, the very place his team lost their game to Manchester United, all because of Marcus Rashford ingenious strike.

Witnesses spotted the police pulling over Samir Nasri on Derby Day. It appears that he forgot about tiny little detail: to register his sportcar in Britain.

Samir Nasri's team

The Manchester City midfielder was seen in the Beswick area of the city, on Wilson Street. It’s near his football club’s multi-million pound training center. He had to wait for the club chauffeur to pick him up, poor guy.

Samir Nasri’s Aventador Pirelli

Samir Nasri's car

Top speed: 217mph

Acceleration: 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds

Price: Starts from £275,000

Transmission: 4WD, Haldex generation IV

Engine: V12, 60°, MPI

Overall length: 15.7ft (4,780mm)

Fuel tank capacity: 23.8 gallons (90l)

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