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Randy Couture is 53 this year, but 10 years ago he easily became a UFC heavyweioght champion when he dropped Sylia in the very beginning of the fight and ground out the W after that.

That bout marked Couture’s return to heavyweight after a LHW loss to Chuck Liddell in the previous championship. No one would miss 2 belt opportunities in a row, so Randy fell like storm onto Tim Sylvia.

Man fights UFC champion

Also in those years Randy successfully fought against Gabriel Gonzaza and right after that he lost his belt to Brock Lesnar. Couture has had many career milestones, one of which was the oldest fighter inside the Octagon,

When Randy had a fight with Mark Coleman in 2010, they both fought for the 2nd hall of fame in a row.

If you have never seen Sylvia fighting Couture, check the video below. Sylvia was dropped, but managed to regain his balance. But finally Couture took over.