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After doping samples from the London 2012 Olympics returned positive retests, two athletes have been suspended provisionally – a Russian cyclist and a Turkish boxer.

On Thursday, the sports’ governing body for each athlete stated that track cyclist Yekaterina Gnidenko and boxer Adem Kilicci have both tested positive for steroid use.

Kilicci, 30 lost in the middleweight division of the quarter-finals in London. With the recent findings, the  Turkish boxing federation has been notified of the steroid use findings and Kilicci’s suspension.

AIBA says it is working in conjunction with the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) to create a doping free environment in the boxing sport.

The Turkish Olympic Committee (TOC) says, “We are very disappointed with the positive retest of Kilicci. The TOC has a zero tolerance policy on doping or any other form of cheating in the sport. Our primary goal is to protect our clean athletes.”