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The NBA Playoffs has had a single constant over the past 6 years, and it’s not James Jones who gained a reputation that benefited him as being one of the greatest teammates in basketball by passing 6 NBA Finals. No, we are referring to LeBron James, The King.

In addition to carrying entire teams on his back, he does not miss any games, and the reason for it is the massive dedication he has to his body, which is funded by a half a billion-dollar bank account.

The lengths that LeBron has gone to for preparing his body were revealed by a journalist Bill Simons:

“LeBron spends nearly $2 million just on his body each year,” said Simmons. “He has all of the equipment from the team’s gym replicated in his home. He also has two trainers so that he has a trainer with him anywhere he goes.”

Additionally, LeBron watches his diet closely, and has consultants that advise him. In 2014, he was well-known for giving up sugar, carbs, and dairy for 67 days.

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