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NY Knicks president Phil Jackson stated that marijuana is now a part of the NBA culture despite all the efforts to stop it.

During his Knicks days, Jackson missed out on the whole 1969-70 season because of the back injury, and he took medical marijuana to relieve the pain.

Still some eyebrows were raisede as Jackson said that the NBA will never be able to legislate marijuana away from the game as it has now become a part of the league’s lifestyle.

Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors head coach, also admitted to using marijuana when dealing with chronic back pain and Jackson spoke about the drug usage again: “I was smoking marijuana during my time off as it was a distraction for me and a pain reliever.

“But I never considered it to be a ultimate pain medication for that type of situation.”

“I don’t think we wiil be able to stop marijuana usage in the NBA. It just goes on as a part of the culture in the NBA.”

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