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Critics say Skip Bayless is a troll and a clown. But can you guess what the previous ESPN2 ringmaster of the morning show “First Take” does better than anyone else: He has the ability to get under the skin of superstar athletes by busting their cojones online and on TV.

As with LeBron James, Bayless has is known for baiting NBA superstar Kevin Durant, who seems far too easy to bait.

The thin-skinned Durant seems to insatiably read everything the talking heads have to say about him, particularly Bayless, who perfected the “Embrace Debate” format which is taking sports studio shows by storm.

That led a pissed-off Durant to ask the reporter to set him up at a press conference, so that he would be able to ‘tee off’ on the contentious ESPN personality of that time.

Now the question is whether Durant will be able to handle scrutiny by the media next season as the Warriors become the league’s largest villains since Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James forming the Heat super team.