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Keith Yandle, a former New York Rangers player, has signed a new contract with Florida Panthers. The contract would go for seven years and cost $6.35 million per year. Yandle has been a key player in the team, making several appearances in the New York Rangers games as a high-scoring defenseman. The player is expected to report to his new club for training.

According to Panthers co-owner Doug Cifu, they are happy with this deal. ”This shows that top players want to win in Florida. Keith wants to win the Stanley Cup in Florida. That’s why we were his top priority and vice versa,” added Cifu.

Keith Yandle

Yandle, who is considered to be a very talented player, has some impressive statistics: 5 goals and 42 assists in the 82 regular-season games for his former club. He also played for the Arizona Coyotes. In total, Yandle has 72 goals and 297 assists in his carrier of 661 regular-season games.

In terms of stiff competition, this season is a lot more than expected, especially due to the transfers that have been made among various teams.

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