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It has been reported that Karlos Williams, running back for Buffalo Bills, showed up at the team’s facility earlier this month having gained a lot of weight and was out of shape, according to the team’s regulations.

Williams didn’t hold back; he knew he had a lot of work ahead of him in order to get back in shape in time for the games. As a second-year veteran he wanted to be honest and said, “I know that I am out of shape, but the only injury holding me back is the medical condition of pregnancy.”

While Williams was at the team’s minicamp (which is mandatory) he had this to say: “each night she would have cravings all through the night, waking me with that soft voice saying “honey, will you get me…,” and naturally, I didn’t want her to feel bad about continuing to make me or the fact that I was not getting much sleep, so it became a habit to join her while she was eating.”

Karlos Williams gained weight

However, now that the pregnancy is a done deal, it’s back to the game. According to the coach, Rex Ryan, “the campaign for Williams weight loss is going to be a battle all the way.”

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