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Jose Mourinho, the former Chelsea manager, has become the new Manchester United manager with ambitious plans to rebuild the legendary team.

Mourinho is apparently not the humblest guy on the planet, as he stated that his new job is a dream everyone wants to take and not so many actually have a chance to have. “But I have it now,” the new Manchester United boss added. “And I’m finally where I want to be.”

Jose Mourinho replaced Dutchman Louis van Gaal after United’s FA Cup success in May. The new Manchester United manager has some big plans for his and his team future:

  • Mourinho is about to begin making new signings, with his goal of 4 major ones.
  • He won’t take the blame for the Ryan Giggs’s departure.
  • He won’t allow Wayne Rooney to play in midfield.
  • Mourinho will be eagerly promoting strong young players.

Jose Mourinho

The new Manchester United manager also stated that he’s not good at pep talk and don’t want to be good at that. “I am more aggressive. I want everything. I want to win matches, I want to play well, I don’t want to concede goals. I want the fans to be behind us,” Mourinho added.

Well, let’s see how good Manchester United will be under the ruling of their new boss Jose Mourinho. Will the team return to their former glory? Time will show.

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