//Pete Rose Sued John Dowd for Claiming He Had Sex with Minors

Recently, Pete Rose, the MLB leader for all-time hits, filed suit against the man that played a part in getting Rose a lifetime ban from baseball. The real issue in the lawsuit is the comments made by John Dowd last year while on a radio program, implying that Rose perpetrated statutory rape with minors.

Dowd, the leader of an investigation in 1989 looking into Rose’s baseball gambling, stated on a Philadelphia radio station that Rose engaged in sex with minors.

During the interview, Dowd claimed  that Michael Bertolini, an associate of Rose for a long time, told him he was running bets for Rose as well as young girls between the ages of 12-14 while the MLB star was in spring training. Dowd then stated that this would be statutory rape each time, and that Rose is not the type of person he would find attractive since “he’s a street guy.”

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