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It’s been hard time for Ronda Rousey lately. The whole world piled on her all of the sudden, from other fighters to the press. However, in some ways she was the reason herself. But this path awaits everyone who does the great sports career.

She took huge chances and lost two fights in a row. But it doesn’t mean that her whole career is over now. Ronda is an undeniable legend of women’s MMA and may even take the G.O.A.T. if she’s able to recoil.

Ronda told about her younger days when she was body-shamed. That’s what was the main motivating factor for her to work over her body. Other kids used to make fun of her because of her huge and strong arms, but it’s exactly these arms that gave her so many victories at the UFC.

Ronda Rousey end of career

Even though Ronda is not the best play model for other girls, she still inspires and motivates many of them. Her whole story shows that it is quite real to become #1 in male-dominated fields. Everyone has his ups and downs in MMA, but don’t hurry to bury Ronda straight away.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and see how she bounces back. Ronda has earned enough money to stay in leisure for the rest of her days, but this is not relevant to her mindset. She is aiming for the victory, she wants to get her back to the top and she will not leave the sports arena just like this. Let’s give her some credits and see how she overcomes her issues.