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With a six-game winner streak, the Cleveland Indians are currently 15-6 as of this month. This includes an 11-0 at home, and they have figured out where they want to attribute the success.

If you guessed the Indians will be creating a shrine for Jobu, you are dead on the money. It will be located between the lockers of the first baseman Mike Napoli and the second baseman Jason Kipnis. The shrine is going to feature Jobu figurines, many different bottles of rum, as well as a sweater with the wording “It is very bad to drink Jobu’s rum, very bad.”

Kipnis stated that “we have had Jobu there for a time now, he’s just been working. He was not a fan of the first vodka we provided from the airport, so we tried the Bacardi rum, which appeared to have been working just well.”

Perhaps rum is the drink of choice for the higher powers, but either way, we agree that there is no need for fixing what is already working. Have you ever had a shrine or good luck charm like the Cleveland’s Jobu? Share the article and comment! For more sports posts, take a look at Katy Perry’s new favorite sport and umpire receiving a blow to the head.