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For Iggy Azalea, the ring on her finger seems to have turned into the middle finger. Iggy Azalea’s message to her exfiancé Nick Young and his current girlfriend Keonna Green couldn’t be clearer – the middle finger.

Green has recently revealed that she is pregnant and expecting a child with the Young, the L.A. Lakers player.

On Wednesday, at an Australian airport, photographers confronted the “Fancy” rapper, asking if she had anything to say to Young and Green. The 26-year-old’s answer was clear as she put up her middle finger and commented, “This message is for them, not you.”

Azalea and Young announced their engagement was off this summer. In 2014, the ex-couple had started to date, and in June 2015, Young popped the question. However, this was a tumultuous relationship, with Young allegedly confessing to cheating on the rapper in a video his Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell filmed.

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