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The World Cup footballer Gerome Boateng told family to skip all of the Euro 2016 matches, being concerned over security and terrorist attacks.

“My children and family will not be attending the games; the risk is too high,” Boateng said. “Having to deal with these issues is sad, but with all of the things that have happened it really makes you think.”

However, England defender Chris Smalling stated that he does not have any concerns about terrorism during the tournament.

“It is obvious that we see these things on the news and in the media, but we remain focused on the football. Our security team is great and we are informed about French security too,” said Chris.

Gerome Boateng's family

After the November bombing and shootings that left 130 dead across Paris, France is under a state of emergency. Organizers of Euro 2016 stated that they understand security challenges that come with the tournament, but no known threats currently exist. Over 90,000 policemen, soldiers, and even private security will be present across France.

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