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UFC fans might have to wait longer for Georges St-Pierre to return.

When in February, former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre (GSP) declared his return to the UFC after almost 4 years of hiatus, Dana White was quick to set him up with a fight against middleweight champion Michael Bisping. However, this bout is looking less and less likely every day.

A firm date should have been announced in April, but so far, nothing has been decided.

Audie Attar, Bisping’s manager, was recently on air with Ariel Helwani, saying how he now expects the fight to happen later, in late fall or early winter.

Meanwhile, this is unwelcome news to those at the top of the middleweight division, like Yoel Romero, considered to be the consensus top contender and. He has just turned 40 and definitely isn’t getting any younger.