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Isaiah Pead’s NFL career lasted only for 5 years. When he had been preparing for it back in those days, he got himself a tattoo with the only word “Faith.” Inspiring, huh? And now it means even more for him.

Because now, Isaiah Pead, only 26, is a running back who can’t run anymore.

In a terrible car crash happened last November, he lost his left leg and had his right leg severely damaged. He pretty much stepped on the threshold of death, only moments away from crossing it. Doctors had to do 8 surgeries to save his life.

Before that, in his former life, Isaiah Pead had a lot to be proud of. He was a high school track star. At the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine he amazed viewers with his talent and ability and scored a second-round draft pick. But now former star is waiting for his prosthetic leg to be fit later this year.

Isaiah Pead smiling hospital photo

Pity, you might say? Not at all! This strong man takes it real positive and isn’t going to give up on himself. He still works out, even having lost almost ¼ of his body weight. That’s how he puts it:

“I’ve got my muscles but I’m just light. I went from four percent body fat, and I’ve probably got none now. But I still work out. I stay on my push-ups – my bread-and-butter right there. With me being so light, it’s easy… It’s just irritating.”

Pead is really an optimistic person and a great example of faith in oneself no matter what. His girlfriend Ruby Bowman, who gave her beloved 7-month-old baby they affectionately call Deuce, is happy to tell us about the inner power of her man:

“He was still talking the same way he was the day before, smiling and laughing and cracking jokes. It surprised me a lot. I was nervous and scared for how he would adjust to no longer being able to have football. Everyone thought maybe he’s still in shock or doesn’t really know what happened and wouldn’t get it until living a normal life. But he’s still going strong.”

Let’s wish Isaiah Pead a good new chapter in his life that suddenly became so different and difficult.