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In what might be the most surprising move, Dwyane Wade is said to be leaving South Beach and heading home to the Windy City where he’s going to play with the Bulls.

Nothing about it seems right, and it certainly is not a good look for anyone involved. In Miami, Wade was the leader of basketball and was the central cog in winning the only three titles in the history of Heat franchise. And now it would seem we are going to have to get used to the change.

Neither party is right or wrong, but both of them are motivated by their own needs and desires. Wade was after money, and he watched huge contracts being dealt out to players that were mediocre, and he decided he wanted to leave.

The Heat and Pat Riley were not about to give him the Kobe Deal, and they wanted to keep their cap flexible for all options. Riley was eaten up fielding the best possible team and wanted to have as many possible options, and if they gave Wade what he was demanding, then that wouldn’t be possible.

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