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Dwayne Johnson admitted that when he stopped wrestling, he actually thought about making a big transition to try his hand at the UFC.

In 2006, two years after he gave up his world title and left WWE, he honestly felt that he had done all that he could in wrestling. His movie career wasn’t taking off like he thought it would, so he was looking for something more challenging.

The Rock became a fan of the UFC after watching their first event in 1993, while he was playing college football for the University of Miami. But with the possibility of a career in the NFL and an opportunity to join pro wrestling like his father, Rock’s love for MMA remained just that.

He is one of the highest-grossing actors in Hollywood and still appears on WWE episodes. Just within the next year, he will star next to Vin Diesel in Fast 8, Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence, as well as Zac Efron in Baywatch.

The Rock has stated that he still follows UFC fights and is a huge fan of the sport. What do you think? How big would it have been for Dwayne to actually join the UFC? Share the article and comment on your favorite social network! And for more sports goodness, check out the 7 largest NASCAR stories this year and 10 hottest NFL wives.