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Dominique Robertson, rookie for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was reportedly shot and then detained by the California police.

He was released the next evening, after being hospitalized for gunshot wounds in Loma Linda, California. Roberston’s mother said he was detained for questioning by Riverside County sheriff’s deputies, but wouldn’t divulge why the police were questioning him or verify his identity.

Zulu Ali, Robertson’s attorney, says his client’s rights under the Sixth Amendment may have been violated since he had no legal representation while being questioned. All that is currently known is that Robertson was a shooting victim, and the police took him immediately from the hospital.

Dominique Robertson shot

It was unclear how extensive Robertson’s wounds were. He reported to authorities that he was shot in the leg while outside an apartment complex, but residents of the area didn’t recall hearing gunshots and no evidence was found that a crime had happened, according to police.

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