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Dodge left the NASCAR races all the way back in 2012, but it could be looking to return to the motorsport.

Back then, Dodge was recovering from bankruptcy and decided to remove its NASCAR program to focus its expenses on different areas. Now, the automaker is ready to be back in the game.

NASCAR officials revealed that a new manufacturer will be joining the fray, but didn’t specify the names yet. Dodge just could be it.

In 2012, Dodge revealed a 2013-spec Charger, and a new model would look good on the track against Ford, Toyota, and Chevy.

The average NASCAR stocker has about 725 horsepower beign run without a restrictor plate. Tweak a Hellcat a bit, add in the comforts, bolt in a roll cage, and you’re right there. If only we could convince all the other manufacturers to do the same, NASCAR might just get more interest.

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