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Derrick Morgan of the Tennessee Titans has joined former Raven’s member Eugene Monroe in promoting cannabis as an alternative to any opioids for treating inflammation and pain.

Morgan talked about his involvement with When the Bright Lights Fade campaign which happens to be based in Colorado and is funded mostly by Monroe seeking to promote research for cannabidiol (CBD). This compound is found in cannabis which is said to have many health benefits, but without all of the psychotropic agents that are found within marijuana.

Morgan stated that this is something that needs to be researched. He also said that the idea is not for everyone to smoke weed and get high all the time. He is just asking that the NFL takes a look at the research.

Monroe and Morgan both have not taken CBD before, for fear of testing positive for a banned substance.

The NFL has not budged from their stance, but they did hold a conference with Monroe and he stated that a progress was made.

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