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Police in Jacksonville, Florida were called out early morning to help the running back for the Jaguars, Denard Robinson, and his car out of an area pond.

Robinson nodded off while driving and ended up steering the car into a retention pond at approximately 4:00 a.m. No DUI charges are being pursued despite the fact that Robinson fell asleep again after the officer on the scene had kicked in the window on the driver’s side and had begun to rescue Robinson and the passenger with him.

Both Robinson and his 29 year old female passenger were reluctant to leave the vehicle even as it was sinking into the water.

The report states that Robinson believed he was still on the road and refused to get out of his car. He attempted to open the door on the driver’s side several times after the responding officer kept repeating that the vehicle was sinking into the pond.

Denard Robinson drived into a pond

Neither Robinson nor his passenger were injured.

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