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Conor McGregor did not behave quite well and said that the next fight he will take will be in a boxing ring and that he will do it with or without the UFC. His main desire is to fight Floyd under the banner of McGregor Promotions, and even Floyd himself has recently confirmed that this fight was about to happen quite soon.

McGregor sold around 5000 tickets to his own press conference. At the conference, he said: “I’m the man and I make the rules”. Conor wants to fight for his UFC title this March, even though UFC has never asked him to do this.

However, Dana White didn’t approve of this conference. He is sure that Conor says pretty crazy stuff. He even gives a warning to Conor if he continues to walk this path.

Conor McGregor opposes Dana White

It’s dangerous to play such games with UFC and Conor may soon realize that. The questions is who needs the other one more, UFC or McGregor? Dana thinks that Conor is in greater need, but this point of view is arguable, as Conor makes money for UFC much more than other fighters. So UFC may not want to lose him.

“I’ve always shown Conor nothing but respect and if he wants to go down that road with us, it’ll be an epic fall.” says Dana White.

Conor was planning to use Ali Act to get rid of UFC contract. Dana, on the contrary, offered him 25 million to fight Floyd, but Conor plans to do this on his own. The thing seems to be totally impossible, but still this is where we are, and both Conor and Floyd are on board now.

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