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Dan Bilzerian does not fuck, but for those cases when you talk about somebody else’s girlfriend.

It was a punch below the belt for Ryan Deluca, the multi-millionaire former CEO of Bodybuilding.com, when he found out that Dan Bilzerian had sex with his 22 y.o. girlfriend Ashley Soule.

Plain and infamous Bilzerian outplayboyed and humiliated Ryan, who flies around the world on his own plane, right in front of his 14 mln facebook fans.

Dan Bilzerian Ashley Soule

However, the couple has just broken up. Ashley posted such an update:

“Flying back to Idaho from Portugal. I am so grateful for my last year and a half of love and travel. Unfortunately, not all things last forever. Looking forward to starting my next adventure in California. Time to be 22.”

Why has this happened? What did Ryan do wrong? Perhaps, he just wanted some serious relationships. He wanted a good housewife to introduce to his kids and a safe harbor to get home. But this scenario wouldn’t work in any case with Ashley, who is famous for posting sexually explicit photos on Dan Bilzerian’s bed.

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