//Reporter’s Mic Gets Tossed in Lake by Angry Cristiano Ronaldo

Thought you was having a bad day? When Cristiano Ronaldo became frustrated over his Euro, he took it out on a reporter.

A reporter from CMTV had approached Ronaldo the day prior to the final stage of the Euro when Portugal faced Hungary. Ronaldo then snatched the microphone from the reporter’s hands, throwing it into a lake.

Even though the behavior is expected from Ronaldo, this was a new low point.

Once winning the Champions League back in May with Real Madrid on the penalty kick, he has continued to be a disappointment against the heavy underdogs such as Austria and Iceland. Meanwhile, Portugal has a goal in both games, while Ronaldo is straining to find the net.

When Portugal was only able to tie with Iceland in the Euro open, Ronaldo had made these comments to critics:

“Iceland did not try anything” stated Ronaldo to the UK’s Daily Mirror.

“Iceland had a lucky night. We should’ve gotten three points, but it’s ok. It’s as if they won the Euro’s the way they had celebrated. It’s unbelievable. When they do not attempt to play, but constantly defend, it is my opinion that it indicates a small mentality and won’t do anything for competition.”

Christiano Ronaldo mic toss

Once he failed a penalty kick against Austria in the 78th minute, Ronaldo started to show his frustration again.

Then, Wednesday he finally decided to release anger on the correct people: the other team. He helped Portugal with an assist and two goals, and achieved a tie with Hungary allowing them to move to the next round and go against Croatia.

The Real Madrid forward stated “It was an insane game”.

“We had to chase the match down, but the end-goal was simply to qualify.”

“Naturally we wanted to qualify and win first place, but the biggest thing was to qualify, which we did. Now we are up against a good team, so the odds are now 50/50.”

“Croatia is a team with many good players, and not every team beats Spain.”

“We have respect for them, but we also understand our own strengths and will be looking them in the eye when we go up against them.”

In addition to qualifying, Ronaldo made the history books by becoming the first player to score during 4 Euro Championships.