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Conor McGregor was just sitting is his wonderful sports car when this fan too close to him to get a smack into his face.

It’s really hard to get any privacy for celebrities that are known all over the world. Conor is known for his good relationships with his fans, usually he communicates with them quite well, except for those times when he is promoting a fight. But in all other ways he’s really always humble.

Always, but not today.

See, what happened in reality. This guy approaches Conor, begins filming him without asking, so Conor just reaches him and smacks his face.

Conor McGregor

Actually, the guy got what he deserved, so no offence. He wasn’t hurt, he didn’t even drop and smash his camera, it wasn’t a boxer’s hard smack. Usually people don’t hold their phones very tight, so the thing could have easily be dropped and smashed, but it didn’t. Also the fan got much more than he was hoping for. Instead of a boring photo of the sports star sitting in his car he got a video of the same star taking a swing of him.

Conor is a fighter, not a circus monkey, and it’s important to respect the personal space of celebrities. Having millions of dollars does not make an official resolution for others to stand and ogle at them like circus animals. Especially when they can hit back.

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