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Against all odds, Iceland squad came into quarter-finals together with Wales. And now they have returned home from this summer’s European Championships as national heroes!

This tiny little country populated by not more than 300,000 modern-day Vikings has come to be the neutrals favorite, right after Cristiano Ronaldo cracked the jokes about Iceland people’s “small mentality”, which followed a one-to-one draw.

Iceland's football fans clapping

It’s amazing to know that about 10 percent of Iceland’s population came to France to support their players. They totally swept through their group like a hurricane and throw out England in the last 16.

After France beat Iceland on Sunday night, the Iceland squad came back to Reykjavík. Iceland people welcomed them as national heroes.

They performed their famous Viking clap on stage along with thousands of raving fans. It was so amazing and moving – that’s the national unity and pride before our eyes, guys!

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