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Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping Content Being Poster Boy

Michael Bisping, 37, who’s only been UFC middleweight champion for a few short weeks, is now busy doing an extensive media tour.For quite a few years, people have referred to Besping as the “poster boy of B...
UFC pool party

UFC Bikini Pool Party

UFC fighters are often seen battling it out in the cage, but when they are not fist-to-fist, bashing each other’s brains in and trying to win the match, they are pretty normal people. That’s right, even UFC fig...
UFC payouts

Mike Pyle and Roy Nelson Get the Highest UFC Payouts

Fighters in the UFC Fight Night 90 event received UFC Athlete Outfitting pay, which began after the UFC made a $167,500 deal with Reebok.Mike Pyle and Roy Nelson, both fighting vets, got the biggest non-tit...
Chris Justino

Cris Justino Wants to Kill Ronda Rousey

Well, Ronda Rousey is once again in the center of attention. This time, it was Cris 'Cyborg' Justino who said that she would not hold back and kill Rousey should they meet in the Octagon. Apparently, they’ve go...
Brittney Palmer

Brittney Palmer Almost Suffocated by Her Husband

Brittney Palmer, UFC Octagon girl, was allegedly beaten and then brutally choked by her husband, Aaron Zalewski.The whole fight started at the couple’s L.A. home on June 11th. Zalewski heard a casting agent...