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Seth Jones

Seth Jones Signs with Blue Jackets for $32.4M

Defenseman Seth Jones has signed a six-year contract with the Blue Jackets through 2021-22. The deal’s annual value is $5.4 million on average, for a total price tag of $32.4 million.Jones was acquired from...
NHL fights

New Rules for NHL Fights

AHL announced that new rules are being implemented for fighting during the game. Stay sharp, these could ultimately impact the future of NHL fights. This is an effort to reduce the number of on-stage clashes, w...
Aaron Ekblad

Aaron Ekblad Extends His Deal with Florida Panthers

The emerging star Aaron Ekblad has agreed to the 8-year, $60 million contract extension offered by the Florida Panthers.The $7.5 million annual average will make this the most lucrative deal in the history ...
Keith Yandle and Florida Panthers deal

Keith Yandle Signed a Deal With Panthers

Keith Yandle, a former New York Rangers player, has signed a new contract with Florida Panthers. The contract would go for seven years and cost $6.35 million per year. Yandle has been a key player in the team, ...
Gordie Howe funeral

Ice Hockey Stars Attend Gordie Howe Funeral

Gordie Howe passed away at the age of 88 on June 10th, 2016, after many years of leading in Canada’s favorite sport, ice hockey. He will always be remembered as a tough, no-nonsense player on the ice, but a goo...