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Chris Correa

MLB fines Cardinals $2 million

MLB fined The St. Louis Cardinals $2 million and stripped them off two top draft picks on Monday as punishment for hacking into the proprietary databases of the Houston Astros.The man responsible, Chris Cor...
Matt Carpenter

Oblique Injury Sidelines The Cardinals’ Best Player

Matt Carpenter, star infielder for the Cardinals, received an oblique injury, with no word on how severe it is.Most oblique injuries will keep players out of the game for a month at least, so even if it’s a...
Zack Greinke

Zack Greinke Steals 2nd Using Headfirst Slide

When Arizona Diamondbacks signed Zack Greinke at the price of $206.5 million for a 6-year contract, it was not due to his speed. They would really rather he not steal bases with a headfirst slide either.All...
Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber Is on His Way to Recovery

While he’s been near the team consistently for some time now, it was still great to watch Kyle Schwarber present a decent lineup card without needing assistance from crutches or wearing a boot for safety. But d...
Jorge Mateo

Jorge Mateo Suspended after Mouthing Off the Higher-ups

According to a knowledgeable source, Jorge Mateo, top prospect for the Yankees, verbalized his discontent with the fact that he wasn’t promoted to Double-A Trenton from Single-A Tampa. However, there have been ...