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Vashti Cunningham

Vashti Cunningham Participates in the Olympics

Randall Cunningham may not be the most well-known member in his household for long. Vashti Cunningham, his 18-year-old daughter, qualified to compete in the Summer Olympics in high jump, her specialty. This mak...
Ali Krieger

The Body Issue: Athletes in the Nude

If you thought that ESPN likes it scandal-free, you were wrong. Their latest contribution to the world of sports was The Body Issue photo shoot, where the sport stars stripped down and showed off their trained ...
Olympic Games 2016

Rio Olympics 2016: Hot Beach Volleyball

Female beach volleyball players certainly added to the charm of the Rio Summer Olympics last weekend, playing on the famous beach Copacabana. And even though there were some empty seats here and there, one coul...
FOX reporter fired

FOX Sports Reporter Emily Austen Fired for Racism

From saying that Mexicans aren’t smart to calling Kevin Love “a little bitch,” a sideline reporter for Fox Sports Florida Emily Austen had to say her job goodbye.Austen appeared on Barstool Sports video and...
Hottest NFL wives

10 Hottest NFL Girlfriends and Wives

The wives of football players are one of the most alluring parts of the sport. These ladies are the powerhouses beyond their husbands − continue reading to discover who the current top ten of sexiest women of t...
Muhammad Ali the greatest of all time

Muhammad Ali Was Not the Greatest in Everything

Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest athletes of his era, but he didn’t cash in on his prime the way you would probably expect him to do these days.Back then, product endorsements for a boxer were actually ...