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West Ham’s offer to Carlos Tevez would have made him the highest paid player in their history but the rumor is that the 32-year-old striker has rejected their offer and is demanding £250,000 per week.

West Ham offered Tevez £150,000 in addition to bonuses. They also told him he would be their first-choice striker in the next season. However, Tevez declined the offer and will be staying at the Argentinian club Boca Juniors.

West Ham’s co-owner, David Sullivan, says, “All this business, “I love West Ham”, well it’s “I love West Ham if they give me £250,000 a week. So how much love is that for West Ham? I actually offered him £150,000 a week to come back plus bonuses.”

‘I thought that was an incredible offer for someone who loves West Ham. And it was a huge gamble for us because he’s 33 now and hasn’t done it in South America. We tried to get Tevez but he wanted £250,000 a week – and is he past his best? He hasn’t set the world alight in South America.”