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Famous NBA player Carlos Boozer just got married to Anishkah in delightful Miami Beach this weekend. The wedding was perfect, the bride was splendid, there were a lot of people having fun.

But what really got us to share these amazing news is the wedding’s hashtag Carlos Boozer used in his Instagram: #BoozerWeddingHoldat2017. If you’ve been following Boozer for some time, you recognize the word “holdat” – it’s what NBA player has been yelling at play. It’s some kind of term he described here and he even had a “holdat” t-shirt specially designed for him.

That’s what Carlos Boozer says about the word:

“It’s kind of a little bit like a brag. Sometimes it can be a humblebrag. Sometimes it ain’t gonna be a humblebrag, but it’s just like a way … say somebody came up to you and is like, ‘Man, you got a nice jumpshot.’ So, ‘Holdat.’ ‘Thank you brother.’ Then somebody could come up to you on the street and be like ‘Nice kicks.’ ‘Yeah I got them at Niketown. Thanks, bro. Holdat.’”

To sum things up, Carlos Boozer said that he sometimes shouts “holdat” when doing his best shots.