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Brittney Palmer, UFC Octagon girl, was allegedly beaten and then brutally choked by her husband, Aaron Zalewski.

The whole fight started at the couple’s L.A. home on June 11th. Zalewski heard a casting agent call Brittney “babe” over the phone and snapped. The LAPD states that things got physical when they started wrestling for Brittney’s phone. When Zalewski noticed that she was recording the argument, he threw Palmer. Brittney hit her head on a bed post.

Aaron yelled at her to pack the things and get out, but he would not let Brittney leave. He threw her down again and pinned her face to the mattress with his knee to her back. Palmer states that she struggled to breathe for almost 2 minutes while she was being held down.

Brittney Palmer and Aaron Zalewski

Apparently, during the fight Aaron scratched his own arms and began to yell at her about why she was making him do this, and that he just wanted her to love him.

When Brittney was able to escape the house, she immediately called the cops, who arrived shortly afterwards and took Zalewski to jail for attempted murder, criminal threats, and spousal battery. He was then released on a $1 million bail the following day. The case is officially with the L.A. City Attorney who will decide whether to charge Zalewski.

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